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A code-breaking game for one player. Implemented in Kotlin for Android™. Full source code is available online.

Similar Games

Wordle™ is the primary inspiration for this project, but Code Word draws from a long history of code-breaking games and related work.

Wordle™: the viral hit by Josh Wardle. Wordle's daily puzzle is a 5-letter English word allowing six guesses. Try those settings in a Seeded or Custom game, or try the Daily and share your performance.
Jotto™: by Michael Rosenfeld. A 5-letter English word puzzle, like Wordle, but letters must not repeat and only the number of included letters (in any position) is given as feedback. These settings are available in Seeded or Custom games and will begin being used in Dailies on February 12th.
Mastermind®: a two-player board game using colored pegs. For a similar experience try a 4-letter Code with 6 characters and allow 10 guesses.
Bulls and Cows: a guess-the-number game with multiple software implementations. Use a 4-letter Code with 10 characters available.
Absurdle: this adversarial version of Wordle by qntm features a cheating opponent who changes the secret in response to your guesses. Activate "Bad luck!" in a Custom game and allow unlimited guesses for a similar experience.


Code Word does not transmit user data of any kind. If future versions enable data collection, e.g. for analytics or crash reporting, you will be able to opt-out of this feature.

Code Word stores a record of each puzzle played on your device. These records are used to track your overall puzzle performance and avoid repeating already-completed puzzles. These records are only stored locally; they are never transmitted from your device.

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Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Wordle is a trademark of The New York Times Company
Mastermind is a trademark of the Pressman Toy Corporation